Alvo Park, Latvia

Alvo Park is an old yeast factory located on the outskirts of downtown Riga which Orkla Real Estate owns and plans to develop.

The factory began producing spirits and yeast in 1847, but has just made yeast since 1950. Yeast production is scheduled to be wound up in summer 2008.
The property is centrally located in Riga, on the outskirts of the city’s historic centre. Riga Historical Centre has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
Alvo Park is currently wholly owned by Orkla Real Estate.


Address: Near downtown Riga, Latvia
Lot: 2.5 acres / Developed area: 12,678m2
Type of property: Industrial, now being rezoned for residential purposes


Project type
Residential / Commercial

Riga – Latvia

Project owner
Orkla Real Estate

Project development
Orkla Real Estate

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